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2019 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus



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Never accidented, prestine interior, two light easily correctable paint scratches.
Note : This car is presently located in Montreal, but willing to meet in Ontario.
What does this mean for Ontario residents? The initial transfer of ownership has to be done at the closest SAAQ location to you. There will be a 10% tax that will be refunded to you once you have plated the car in Ontario.
EPA range should be 402km. It was rated 386km at purchase, but Tesla has made software efficiency improvements since. You will get more than 400km in the city and in summer, but less in winter and at highway speeds.
This car comes with the basic Autopilot feature (lane keep, adaptive cruise control, crash avoidance, etc.). It was a 4k$ extra when I purchased it and worth every penny. Most of the mileage put on this car was on roadtrips going from Nova Scotia all the way to New Orleans and San Antonio Tx. Such a joy to drive, and the ever expanding Tesla supercharger network makes it so that ‘’range anxiety’’ is a thing of the past.
I love this car so much that I am upgrading again to the same model. It is so fun to drive I felt like I was 16 again!
Thanks to continuous FREE software updates, this car will keep improving over time with amazing new features!
On top of all the amazing features Tesla vehicles offer, other notable features you get with this car that you wont get on most newer SR+ models (because Tesla makes changes continuously throughout the year) :
– Fog lights included on this model but removed in 2019 from the SR+ line;
– Auto dimming mirrors also removed in 2019 from the SR+ line;
– Unlimited Premium connectivity* (worth 14$/month! Netflix, Youtube, Spotify, Karaoke, live traffic and satellite map visualization, internet browser, etc.);
– Premium tinted windows (with full back glass);
– 6 additional speakers that can be easily connected with a 100$ DIY harness (only 4 in the newer models);
– Aftermarket mudflaps, much better than the Tesla ones;
– Grocery bag clips in the frunk;
– Leather steering wheel (supposedly longer lasting than the new ones);
– Interior ambient lights;
– Dead pedal (to rest your left foot);
– Screen protector installed;
– Glass roof gets a cool orange look when humid;
– SILENCE at low speeds! The newer ones make a weird annoying noise.
Other negociable items :
– Wheels, whether you prefer the aftermarket mags, the new or the old aero model wheels;
– Possibility of a second mobile charger or a tesla Wall charger;
– Frunk, trunk and floor mats;
– Frunk pressured struts (automatic hood opening);
– USBC and iPhone charging cables;
– Read spoiler I haven’t installed yet;
– And the front licence plate holder is included.
Items you can add anytime yourself via the Tesla app :
– Rear heated seats (400$ activation cost, hardware is already present);
– Full self driving capability (10 600$, and Tesla plans on increasing this price over time as features are released)
Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have regarding this listing or Teslas in general!
*Unlimited Premium connectivity says lifetime ownership in my account. To the best of my knowledge, it works like other software lockable features : It follows the car for private sales, but when sold back to Tesla they may remove the option. I cant be responsible if ever they were to remove this feature. However, in the off chance this happens, you would still be able to get that functionnality using your phone as a hotspot (many do this instead of paying 14$/month).








Model 3


Standard Range Plus


RWD - Single Motor


Solid Black




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Kingston, Ontario

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