The Tesla Model S is the OG Tesla

The Tesla Model S is the OG Tesla

The Tesla Model S is sleek, fast, and surprisingly large. The matrix LED headlights and the signature Tesla tail light pattern is sharp and iconic on the road. Tesla’s signature hatchback shape adds an aerodynamic feel, Even for a sedan. This car is for any German car fan who wants a Tesla, but who also wants a sporty German sedan.


The exterior silhouette is low and aerodynamic. The Model S also includes a rear tailgate and Frameless doors and mirrors. The Model S includes a massive sunroof for those starry nights or overcast days. As well, the top portion is heavily tinted, which reduces cabin heat during summer.


In the interior of the S, There is an abundance of screens and Alcantara. Once you are inside, you are shocked by how luxuriously technological it is. Wood adds warmth to the beige interior. The black and white cabin is ultra-futuristic, with black carbon-fibre decor and blinding-white seats. The driver seat has unlimited driver settings, positions and memory, for all of your grown-up friends who want to drive your Tesla! In addition, the older Model S had an optional 3rd-row rear-facing jumpseat package for the kids. 


Model S is the first Tesla to feature a tri-motor model, with respect to the Cybertruck. In the Long Range Plus and Performance models, you get the Premium options, one year of premium connectivity, floor mats, and heated rear seats for all passengers, including the middle rear seat, and other perks. The Model S Tri-Motor Plaid option is quoted on “The only thing beyond ludicrous mode is plaid”, so that means it is fast. The Plaid option makes the Model S the fastest production car ever made in the world, more than one-thousand horses under your seat, and a 0-100 time (0-60 for you Americans) in a jaw-dropping 2.1 seconds.


All Model S come with standard Autopilot. Autopilot is Tesla’s version of Adaptive cruise control. Although it is a good system, It is not full-self-driving. It accelerates, brakes when a car is in front and steers within its lane. It does not stop in its lane if there isn’t a car in front, it cannot change lanes, and it cannot turn onto a different street. You also need full attention as the driver, all you have to do is hold the steering wheel, or just tap it every 10 seconds so the car knows you’re there. They are doing this so they can prevent sleeping or distracted drivers on the road. You could upgrade to Full-Self-Driving capability that can park, Summon, change lanes, navigate to its destination, and turn by itself. This option cost around $10,000 CAD. In the future, it will be able to drive fully autonomously; and it’s already almost there!


There are too many features in this vehicle to name. To find the full potential of your car, you have to see what’s in front of you inside the Model S. This “Control Centre” is loaded with tools and goodies. You can set your steering modes, acceleration, regen modes, and even make your car drive like an automatic car if you are transitioning into the EV trend. The screen also includes a “toybox” such as, “Emissions Testing Mode”, Trax (a DJ app), Romance mode, which plays jazz and turns on the “fireplace” which heats the cabin, Santa Mode for the holidays, and Cowbell (because you’ve got to have more cowbell). 

When in park, the car gives you another menu. In climate, you can set ‘dog mode’, a setting for your dog if you need to get a quick item from the market, HEPA and air ionizer, and Camp mode, for camping!

Finally, we move to the Tesla Entertainment Centre, which includes Youtube, Netflix, Tesla tutorials, Twitch, a live game-streaming app, and Spotify. These things only work once connected to the internet or using Premium connectivity (which costs $10/month after your trial). But the Tesla Arcade does not need any type of connectivity. 

The Tesla Arcade has games such as Fallout Shelter, Stardew Valley, Backgammon, Chess, 2048, Cuphead, BeachBuggy Racing Tesla Edition (a Tesla-themed racing game), and 80’s Atari Classics, including Lunar Lander, Centipede and MillipedeSuper Breakout, Asteroids, and Tempest.


Prices for the Model S vary. For the Long Range Plus, It will cost around $100,000, $125,000 for the Performance version, and around $190,000 for the Plaid.


In conclusion, my verdict is that the Model S is an excellent fast car, German substitute, and daily driver for the electric car lover. If you want a sedan, and want to join the Tesla movement, this is the best car for you. If you prefer an SUV version, the Model X is extremely similar but bigger and more flamboyant. 

Think you don’t like the traditional look of the S? Go for the minimalistic Model 3, which is more like your conventional Tesla sedan, and it’s more affordable. 

We hope you shortlist the Model S because it’s an excellent choice and if you want to purchase a used Tesla, head to Just follow the easy steps, and you’re ready to go. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!


Santiago Bélanger for TeslaDrive Canada