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Why Buy a CARFAX Canada Report?

Who is CARFAX Canada?

CARFAX Canada is a Canadian provider of vehicle history reports – a critical tool when you’re buying or selling a used vehicle. A CARFAX Canada report establishes trust and transparency between a used car buyer and a used car seller by removing the guesswork about a vehicle’s past – replacing it with impartial, accurate and real-time data.

What’s In a CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report?

Depending on the type of report you select, our CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Reports contain:

  • A Report Summary, which is a snapshot of the records CARFAX Canada has found on your vehicle.
  • Lien Check, which is available on our Vehicle History Report + Lien Check and VHR + Lien Check (BC) options, this section shows liens registered against the vehicle.  If a lien is found, details will appear at the end of the report.
  • Accident/Damage. This section compiles data from collision estimating facilities, insurance information and police reports to let you know what, if any, damage the vehicle has sustained in its life.  If you suspect that the vehicle has ever been in British Columbia, we recommend purchasing our Vehicle History Report (BC) or VHR + Lien Check (BC) in order to obtain information from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC).
  • Registration which shows where the vehicle is and has been registered in Canada and the U.S., and the status of the vehicle in those jurisdictions.
  • Service Records. This section outlines all of the service records that have been reported to CARFAX Canada.  It’s possible that service has occurred that is not captured here (for example, the owner may have performed regular oil changes in their garage, which wouldn’t show on our reports).
  • Open Recalls. This section outlines any open (unfixed) safety recalls on the vehicle that have been reported to CARFAX Canada.  Previous safety recalls that have already been fixed (closed) will not show in this section.
  • Stolen Vehicle Check. This section checks the Canadian Police Information Centre to see if the vehicle is marked as actively stolen.  If the vehicle was previously stolen (at any point during its life) and was recovered, it won’t be reflected here.
  • Detailed History. This is the full list of information CARFAX Canada has about the vehicle.  If the vehicle has been imported or exported between Canada and the U.S., the details will appear in this section.
  • Other Records will show other information available from our data providers.
  • Lien Details.  This section includes details of the lien(s) that were found against the vehicle. It will only appear on our Vehicle History Report + Lien Check and VHR + Lien Check (BC) options.  Please note: Lien information varies by province, so this section may look different from report to report.

Check out one of our sample reports to see for yourself!

Who Can Buy a Report?
A report can be purchased by anyone on any vehicle, as long as they have its vehicle identification number (VIN) which is found on the dashboard and the driver’s door jamb. 

Buying a Used Vehicle
When you’re buying a used vehicle, CARFAX Canada gives you full insight into what’s happened to a vehicle over its lifetime. You can feel confident that you know the full details about a vehicle and can make the purchase with complete peace of mind. 

Selling a Used Vehicle
When you’re selling a used vehicle, providing potential buyers with a CARFAX Canada report shows that you’re upfront and open to disclosing the full history of your vehicle, right from the start. Buyers will know that you’re a seller they can trust and they’ll appreciate your full disclosure – which often helps to close the sale. 

Buying a Used Car from a Dealer
Our dealer members offer CARFAX Canada reports on their used car inventory and would be more than happy to show you the vehicle history report for the car you’re interested in. 

CARFAX Canada gives you the information you need

CARFAX Canada can also provide you with the information and the resources to buy or sell your used car with confidence. Let a CARFAX Canada report help you make an informed purchase decision. 

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