Why list your Used Tesla on Tesladrive.ca?

Why list your Used Tesla on Tesladrive.ca?

Why Tesladrive.ca?

We make selling and buying Teslas Easy!

Tesladrive is where Canadians go to look for a Tesla vehicle. Our continuous and unique internet presence and marketing campaign is gathering all of the potential Canadian Tesla buyers to Tesladrive.
Tesladrive is the only specialized marketplace that helps future owners finalize their buying decision. Listing your vehicles in Kijiji, Autotrader or other online dealerships among different brands and gas vehicles remove the exclusivity of the Tesla brand.

Listings Options

There are three options offered to you to list your Tesla vehicle. A Basic Listing allows you to list your Tesla on Tesladrive until you sell. This option is only available to individuals wanting to list on tesladrive.ca.

Our Standard and Premium Listings give you additional exposure. We will showcase your listing on our Facebook page, keep the listing highly visible in our list of vehicles and add it to the exclusive Top Listings list featured on the main page.

Premium Listings are unique to tesladrive.ca. They offer custom targeted advertising to get your Tesla in front of potential buyers where they spend their time online and on social media. This proactive advertising method gets your Tesla listing to the feed of specific online users, keen on Tesla values and that are located in your region.

For a limited time

  • Basic Listings are free for individuals
  • Standard Listings are available from $14.99
  • Premium Listings are available for $74.99, consisting of a full month of custom advertising.

For a complete list of features, checkout our pricing list.


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