Top five Tesla features that other cars wish they had!

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Top five Tesla features that other cars wish they had!


If you ever meet a Tesla owner, you’ll see their devotion and admiration for the company. People who are unfamiliar with the brand may wonder what all the fuss is about. So here are the top five Tesla features that other cars wish they have!


Massive touchscreen

Every Tesla comes with an oversized, high-resolution, tablet-like infotainment system from where you can access the car settings, use navigation, locate superchargers, etc. The release of the Model 3 in 2017 changed the orientation from portrait to landscape, which has expanded its uses significantly.


Supercharger network

Tesla is renowned for its exclusive and proprietary charging infrastructure, the Supercharger network. The chargers are fast and are available globally, with over 35,000 public chargers installed. They are also the best-maintained and most reliable charging network, meaning an out-of-service charger is a rare occurrence at a station. Your Tesla car can even lead you to an available charger when the range is depleted, or when it needs charging.
The superchargers are now opening up services to other EVs, but for now, other EV owners wish their cars have something like a Supercharger for their use.



Tesla CEO Elon Musk has described his company’s cars as more than just cars. In fact, they are computers on wheels. For example, your Tesla car can run arcade games on the massive screen to keep you occupied while waiting for something. In fact, in a few months, Tesla cars will be able to run games from the popular online video game distributor Steam. How many cars out there let you play Centipede?
You can also sing with the “Caraoke” app or stream content from Netflix, Hulu, DisneyPlus, and YouTube to watch your favourite content.


Continuous updates

The Tesla you drove away from the showroom is not the same after a year; in fact, it’s even better! This is because Tesla continuously releases updates that bring new features and bug fixes, as well as UI changes and software performance boosts. The best part? These updates are available in your driveway just a click away!



You may have to pay for this, but it is a great feature to have. Autopilot can control your car’s acceleration, braking, lane changing, etc. There are multiple versions of Autopilot, the basic one is really just Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Keep Assist, which is an expensive feature to have, but it comes standard in all new Teslas.
Enhanced Autopilot adds the luxury of auto lane change, FSD on the highway, Tesla Summon, and parallel parking!
Finally, FSD brings you the full driving experience from A to B without eye-numbing road scanning, so you can lean back and stay cooly attentive while the car drives for you!


The coolest(?) CEO

Tesla has one of the most active and ingenious CEOs in the tech space, even though some might claim Musk is a controversial figure. He is easily accessible as you can send him a tweet, and may even reply to you with a relevant (or irrelevant) meme. With more than 80 million followers on Twitter, which other active CEO comes close?


Dog, Sentry, Bioweapon, etc., Modes

Tesla cars have different modes that are practical. For example, Dog Mode will make the cabin comfortable for your pets while you’re away. Sentry Mode acts as a surveillance camera for your Tesla. Bioweapon Defense Mode uses an extreme HEPA filtration system to make the air inside pure and clean, even when the air outside is full of smoke, debris, particles, and toxins.


Attention to detail

Tesla is stuffed with features that show the thoughtfulness of the design team. For example, the front seats use the rider’s weight as one of the factors to determine how the airbag should be deployed during a collision. Tesla also popularized the frunk or front trunk to make it useful for storing cargo.


So that’s it! Do you agree or disagree with this list? Maybe add some extra details? Let us know in the comments.

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