Tesla Model 3

Why Tesla Model 3 should be your next purchase?

So whether you are thinking of an upgrade or looking to expand your garage. You would have faced this question.   Which car should I buy?   This is a kind of question that pops up in every buyer’s mind, even experts find it difficult to decide. But don’t worry we are here for help.

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The Tesla Model S and Model X

The Tesla Model S and Model X get a Refresh!

Finally! The words I’ve wanted to hear since 2016 after the first Model S refresh and the release of the Model X. So you might ask, “What’s new, Santiago?” I’d say “Lots.” Model S | Source: Tesla Model X | Source: Tesla On the outside, very little has changed with the two vehicles; New fog lights,

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Cost of Ownership: Tesla Model 3 vs Acura TLX

With so many fuel and electric-powered vehicles on the market, it is easy to become inundated with information overload. When it comes to considering an electric or a gasoline-powered vehicle, there are many different aspects to take into consideration. One of the most important aspects is the cost of ownership. Across the board, the Tesla

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The Tesla Model X is “Out of This World”

The Tesla Model X is like a spaceship and makes life better. The largeness, practicality, luxury, and automatic doors add a sense of futurism. Tesla’s signature hatchback shape adds an aerodynamic feel, Even for an SUV, and surprisingly, doesn’t steal headroom! This car is for families who want a Tesla but want a luxury minivan.

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5 Tips for Finding a Good Deal on a Used Tesla Model S

Teslas are hot. Everyone who knows how brilliant these vehicles are wants to get their hands on one. With a long life expectancy and impressive performance features, the Tesla Model S is a fully electric sporty family ride with plenty of safety features. Tesladrive Canada is an excellent resource for finding pre-owned Teslas in outstanding

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