5 Tips for Finding a Good Deal on a Used Tesla Model S

5 Tips for Finding a Good Deal on a Used Tesla Model S

Teslas are hot. Everyone who knows how brilliant these vehicles are wants to get their hands on one. With a long life expectancy and impressive performance features, the Tesla Model S is a fully electric sporty family ride with plenty of safety features. Tesladrive Canada is an excellent resource for finding pre-owned Teslas in outstanding shape at great prices.

5 Tips for Finding a Good Deal on a Used Tesla Model S

1. Buy From a Private Party

Buying a used Tesla from a private party is a great option because you have direct access to the person who knows the most about the car itself. Tesladrive Canada features private owners ready to part ways with their Teslas at prices that feel good for you.

The owner should have maintenance records and a clean history with no major accidents. The owner will be able to give you information on the warranty and how much time you have left on it, if there have been any issues with the vehicle, and other pertinent information.

2. Get Maintenance Records

Teslas don’t usually have an extensive maintenance record as they aren’t subject to oil changes or other conventional engine maintenance needs. Even the brakes need to be changed infrequently, as the conventional brakes can be spared with smart engine braking technology that charges up the engine while slowing down the vehicle.

However, if there have been any issues with the battery, if the tires have been changed, if bodywork has been done, or any other maintenance or diagnostic reports have been done, you want to know about them. You can also ensure you get top dollar upon resale if you keep accurate records of maintenance done on your Tesla.

3. Get Warranty Info

Tesla’s standard warranty is as follows:

  • 4 years or 80,000 km bumper to bumper warranty
  • 8 years or 240,000 km battery and drive unit warranty with minimum 70% retention of Battery capacity over the warranty period

If you are purchasing a vehicle that is beyond its warranty, it is a good idea to have a Tesla mechanic do a thorough inspection of the car before you agree to purchase it.

4. Test Drive and Inspect

When test driving your prospective Tesla, listen closely to the sounds coming from the engine, suspension, and other elements of the car. How do the acceleration and deceleration feel? Go to a charging station to check on how quickly the battery charges and also how long it holds that charge.

You may consider spending a full day with the car to get an accurate sense of the charge range and the condition of the battery. Also, go through a carwash or use a hose to check on any water leakage in the trunk or cabin. Make sure all features work perfectly.

5. Roadside Assistance and Distance Updates

Tesla prides itself on the fact that its cars are virtually maintenance-free. All Teslas are connected to the main computer, where over-the-air updates are made automatically as they become available, which keeps your vehicle up-to-date and out of the shop.

The remote diagnostic feature allows technicians to remotely diagnose the problem with your vehicle 90% of the time and determine what is needed to improve its condition. Smart Alerts communicate what your car needs and walk you through simple solutions or connect you with the service team. If there is an issue that can be fixed by a mobile technician, Tesla will send you one free of charge. 80% of issues can usually be fixed outside of a service center.

With a long-range battery option, dual-motor all-wheel drive, adaptive air suspension, and ludicrous acceleration, the Tesla Model S is a car to lust after. Check out Tesladrive Canada today and find a pre-owned Tesla Model S. Happy shopping, fellow Tesla enthusiast!