Vital Aftermarket Tesla Accessories for your Model 3/Y

Vital Aftermarket Tesla Accessories for your Model 3/Y

Vital Aftermarket Tesla Accessories for your Tesla Model 3/Y


The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are incredible electric vehicles many people enjoy worldwide. However, thanks to some aftermarket accessories, you can make your own Tesla even more awesome! This guide covers the top and vital aftermarket accessories for your Model 3 or Model Y!

Screen protector

Vital Aftermarket Tesla Accessories for your Model 3/Y

The Model 3 comes with a massive touch-enabled screen that is the center of attention. Through it, you access the car’s settings, follow the map, keep an eye on your driving speed, watch a movie, and even play a game! It is therefore important to protect it. You don’t want to incur a massive bill for a replacement.

Slap a screen protector on the display, just as you do with your smartphone or tablet, and have peace of mind against damage. The protector will also prevent your screen from accumulating fingerprints or getting dirty.

There are several types of screen protectors to choose from. Shop around and compare prices and features to get the best for you.

Rear seat pet cover

Vital Aftermarket Tesla Accessories for your Model 3/Y

Tesla knows you will use your Model 3 to transport your favourite animal friends. This is why it has a Dog Mode for keeping your pet comfortable when you lock them in. However, you need to protect the interior of your Tesla.

Installing a rear seat pet cover protects your Model 3’s interior from stains and scratches. It also makes it easier to remove pet hairs when cleaning.

Rear seat pet covers are usually easy to install, remove, and store.

Car cover

Vital Aftermarket Tesla Accessories for your Model 3/Y

Many Model 3 owners see the car as a prized possession. If you want to give your own the tender loving care it deserves, you may check out a car cover.

A car cover designed for your Model 3 will fit perfectly and protect it from scratches, rust, and accumulated debris. If you park in the open, your Model 3/Y will be protected from the elements. This will keep your paintwork as fresh as possible.

Glass roof shades

Vital Aftermarket Tesla Accessories for your Model 3/Y

Tesla is proud of its glass roof, allowing you to watch the sky swish overhead. However, when it is sunny, the glass can let in more heat than you like, especially on hot summer days. And for Model 3 owners that live in temperature regions, the heat may quickly become unpleasant.

Protect your head from the heat by investing in a sunshade. Sunshades are easy to install and remove, meaning you can use them only when necessary and enjoy sky-watching on other days!

Paint protection film

Tesla does a good paint job on the Model 3, but you can add a little protection by getting a paint protection film. This film protects the paint from chipping off quickly, which could cause ugly blotches all over your car.

A paint protection film is a kind of clear plastic wrap that stays on the surface of your car. You can cover the whole surface or just some parts, e.g., the hood cover, nose, side mirrors, and A-pillars. You can choose the parts that are likely to be damaged by rocks and road debris.

Center console wrap

Vital Aftermarket Tesla Accessories for your Model 3/Y

If you have the Model 3 that comes with the glossy Piano Black center console, you may have become frustrated by its ability to attract fingerprints and smudges. However, you can prevent more angst by installing a console wrap. It comes in different colours and materials and offers protection from scratches.

There are multiple vendors for the console wrap, and you can select one that matches your taste.


Tesla got a lot of things right with the Model 3/Y but you can extend the pleasure of the ownership by installing any of the aftermarket accessories mentioned above. They will also help improve the value of your Tesla as they prevent some wear and tear.

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