Is Tesla FSD worth it?

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Is Tesla FSD worth it?

When ordering your Tesla, one of the decisions you must make is whether to add Full Self-Driving to your order. However, because of the steep price and its current beta status, many people wonder if FSD is worth it. If you are about to make the decision, we help you decide if Tesla’s FSD is worth it in this article.

How much does FSD cost?

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, is proud of FSD and often talks about upcoming features on Twitter. However, if he manages to convince you, the upgrade will cost you $12,800 ordering in Canada. However, in less than a month, the price will climb to $15,000 according to Musk on Twitter.

Tesla offers Basic Autopilot for free and Enhanced Autopilot for $6,400

What does Tesla FSD offer?

FSD still has the beta tag, but it has many features. It offers all of Enhanced Autopilot and more.

Why do some Tesla owners say FSD is not worth it?

Apart from being expensive, the biggest turnoff is that your FSD is not tied to your Tesla account. This means if you get another Tesla car, you will pay another $12,000 (soon to be $15,000) to be able to use FSD. For many Tesla buyers, that is very steep, especially if they don’t plan to keep the car for long. Bear in mind that the price may go up again.

Another important factor is your location. FSD does not understand all road conditions and may even make you break some laws if you rely on it completely. The trouble of being careful not to run afoul of the law is a deal breaker for some people.

You must also consider if you are bold enough to use FSD. Up to 90 percent of drivers reportedly do not use all the features of FSD. They are nervous about letting software that still is in beta drive them at top speed on the highway.

There have also been concerns that some features of FSD don’t work perfectly. For example, some users claim they haven’t been able to get Summon and Autopark to work very well. Others report that FSD loses up to 15 mph while changing lanes, even when the road is free.

Why do some drivers like FSD and swear it is worth it

Some drivers report that FSD makes longer trips less tiring. Even drivers that only commute frequently finds it convenient to let Tesla FSD handle part of the drive. If most of your driving is on the highway, FSD comes in handy in many situations, allowing you to arrive at your destination more refreshed.

If you are a fan of the latest technology, you may be unable to resist trying out FSD. Many geeks know the side effects of beta software but are happy to live with them, as long as they can access the feature before it goes public.

If you plan to keep your Tesla for long, it might make sense to buy FSD now. This is because the price is obviously going up as the car maker adds more features. If you get it now, you are sure of getting any new feature without paying extra.

In addition, if you need full self-driving features, Tesla’s FSD is still at the top of the pile when it comes to features. While there are competitors, FSD is among the relatively few that cars on the road actually use.

If you are a Tesla or Musk fan, getting FSD may be worth it because you are supporting the company. Your money will help Tesla reach its goals.

Lastly, if you often show off your car and what it can do, FSD can enrich your bag of party tricks. You can wow your friends or coworkers with Summon or Autopark or make videos for YouTube.

Bottom line: is Tesla FSD worth it?

FSD is not cheap, unfinished, and not transferable to another car. However, FSD may be worth it if you keep your cars for long, need assistance during longer trips, like to use the latest tech, want to support Tesla as a company, and like to entertain friends with your car.