The Tesla Model S and Model X get a Refresh!

The Tesla Model S and Model X

  Finally! The words I’ve wanted to hear since 2016 after the first Model S refresh and the release of the Model X. So you might ask, “What’s new, Santiago?”

I’d say “Lots.”

The Tesla Model S and Model X get a Refresh!

Model S | Source: Tesla

The Tesla Model S and Model X get a Refresh!

Model X | Source: Tesla

  On the outside, very little has changed with the two vehicles; New fog lights, a wider plaid-like stance, a new rear diffuser (like the Model Y) and a full chrome delete. The Model X just has new fog lights and no more chrome.

The Tesla Model S and Model X
The Tesla Model S and Model X get a Refresh!

Model S Interior | Source:

  Now the inside is where the party’s at! I was in awe and overjoyed with the turnout at Tesla design’s work. A new 17’ horizontal infotainment screen is in the dash, with nice hidden vents. A Roadster-inspired Tesla steering yoke is added with no stalks and hidden buttons, making a sportier driving experience. Wood is flowing gracefully throughout the cabin and a new wood centre console. 22 speakers instead of the outgoing 17 speakers are added. Front ventilated seats as well as tri-zone climate control! Yes! 

  The rear of the S has a more executive setup. The middle seat can fold into an elegant centre console, and the old climate vent area is replaced with an 8-inch touch screen with climate controls, games, and two extra USB-Cs

The Tesla Model S and Model X get a Refresh!

Model S/X Rear screen | Source: Tesla

  The Model X has the same new features as the Model S that I’ve described and a bag of chips. The X still keeps its iconic panoramic windscreen and falcon-wing doors, but also adds the rear climate control and screen. The infotainment also seemed to be running on a new UI. This includes smaller climate control shortcuts, new icons, and a “dramatic two-faced” icon for the entertainment centre. There will also be a new game called “The Witcher Wild Hunt”, and finally an update on “BeachBuggy Racing 2: Tesla Edition.” I hope this brings the Model Y as an official car (in lieu of a colour-matched Model 3), and maybe the ability to choose a different Tesla model as part of the avatar.

  One more fun website add-on was the configurator. Tesla revamped the configurator launcher, and the new descriptions of the Model S and X, which look great. Unfortunately, they did not update the launcher of the 3 and Y.

Tesla added new trims for the two flagships. The Model S got rid of the “Long-Range Plus” and “Performance” trims, and is now replaced with “Long-Range”, “Tri-Motor Plaid”, and “Tri-Motor Plaid+” which is told to have a 0-100km time of an astonishing 1.99 seconds! Model X now includes a “Tri-Motor Plaid” to the lineup, with a 0-100km time of a zippy 2.5 seconds, which is unreal for the SUV market.

  I think now the two Tesla flagships have got what it takes to compete with the new upstarts like the Lucid Air and Rivian R1S. I hope to see the same similarities and upgrades added to their younger siblings, the Model 3 and Model Y.

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