Why Tesla Model 3 should be your next purchase?

Tesla Model 3

So whether you are thinking of an upgrade or looking to expand your garage. You would have faced this question.


Which car should I buy?


This is a kind of question that pops up in every buyer’s mind, even experts find it difficult to decide. But don’t worry we are here for help. Since the world is changing and so do cars, The Electric Vehicles will replace the conventional gasoline engine soon. I think this the best time for the change. The EVs are the future and the Tesla Model 3 is the best example of it. From its futuristic design to the advanced safety features. The Tesla Model 3 has really made its way out in a crowded market.


According to a survey on average car maintenance costs around 740$ – 1,200$ per year in Canada which is quite high compared to Tesla Model 3, an electric vehicle that costs annually around 350$. The main reason for that is the absence of an engine in Model 3.There is only one electric motor that runs the car and its durability makes it last years without maintenance. Rest you will not have to worry about oil or coolant change since there is no combustion engine. In addition to that, the Tesla regenerative braking system promises brake pads to last forever. So these are the points that make Tesla Model 3 the best choice for your next purchase.


But if you are still unsure or want more information then don’t worry we have a solution for you.


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